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Multi-Grain Wavy Chips - Tomato (90g)

Multi-grain wavy chips- Tomato

About This Product

Are all chips bad for you? With Signature Market’s healthier take on your favourite snack food, they don’t have to be! Made from quality, wholesome ingredients such as corn, wheat, brown rice and oats as well as a natural tomato powder, our Multi-grain Wavy Chips - Tomato is the healthier alternative to the MSG-laden chips that line the junk food aisles in supermarkets as they are processed without any artificial additives for a guilt-free and deliciously crunchy snack. Fulfil your snack cravings the healthy way and switch to our savoury and tangy Multi-grain Wavy Chips - Tomato today!

Country of Origin: Spain

Non-GMO Corn, Wheat, Brown Rice, Oat, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Natural Tomato Powder, Sea Salt, Non-GMO Corn Starch.

Allergy Information
Contains corn and wheat.

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