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Whale Water Bottle (BPA Free) (500ml)

Signature Market ‘Whale Done!’ BPA Free Water Bottle


About This Product

Want to know the secret to whale-y good skin and a healthy body? Staying hydrated! Is remembering to drink water a chore for you? Don’t want to lug a huge bottle around when you’re out and about but don’t want to spend money getting bottled water either? Our Signature Market ‘Whale Done!’ Bottle is the solution. Not only is it eco-friendly, refillable and BPA-free, it’s also small and light enough to make it your everyday hydration companion. Slip it in your handbag or pop it into your gym bag for a whale-y cute reminder to replenish your hydration levels.

Built with BPA-free materials, this bottle can contain up to 530ml of water and features a wide mouth for easy cleaning. Not only does our ‘Whale Done!’ Bottle remind you to rehydrate with its cuteness, it’s a reminder to be eco-friendly wherever you go. Every year tons of plastic end up in the ocean, most of it being plastic bags, plastic bottles and straws, all of which are one time use items. With a handy reusable bottle, you can reduce your carbon footprint by using your ‘Whale Done!’ Bottle to fill up on other drinks too and reduce the likelihood of having to purchase drinks packaged in one-time use plastics. Keep our oceans and bodies squeaky clean from all the toxins in one-time use plastics! Make life better for our aquatic friends as you drink up. The earth whale thank you for it.

Health Benefits
1. Water helps regulate body temperature.
2. Drinking water increases brain power and provides energy.
3. Water promotes healthy weight management and weight loss.
4. Water flushes out toxins and detoxifies the body.
5. Improves complexion.
6. Water helps with maintaining a healthy digestive system and digestion processes.
7. Adequate water intake prevents constipation.

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