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Brown Rice Coffee (250gm)

Brown Rice Coffee

High Fibre, Gluten Free

about this product
Country of origins: Products of Malaysia

Signature Market Brown Rice Coffee is the best gluten free coffee alternative made from completely caffeine free, 100% pure roasted brown rice powder. Roasted brown rice powder makes a healthy gluten free coffee substitute drink with rich and comforting flavor, reminiscent of rich coffee or dark cocoa.

Benefits of Brown Rice
Provides strong antioxidants
Provides phytic acid, which prevents colon cancer
Detoxifies system
Cleanses blood
Improves blood circulation
Easy to digest
Low calorie
100% Pure
Easy to incorporate in everyday diet

We are
- No preservatives
- No Artificial Colouring
- No Lastose

Kievit Creamer, Brown Rice Powder, Coffee Powder, Foaming Creamer, Caramel Flavor

Storage Method
Avoid to place in humid, high tempature & sunlight, tighten & keep in fridge once open to maintain freshness.

Serving Preparation
1- Use about 2-3 tea spoon Signature Market Brown Rice Coffee, add 150ml hot water (About coffee cup size).
2- Stir Well.
3- Enjoy in hot or with ice.

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