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Marshmallow Snowy Cookies - Matcha (150g)

Marshmallow Snowy Cookies - Matcha

Handmade, 100% Natural

about this snack
Looking for some new munchy on this holiday seasons?? Signature Snack have something really nice for you! Marshmallow Snowy Cookies have similar of traditional nougat but not the taste. Marshmallow Snowy Cookies has rich taste with delicious dried cranberry, almond and pumpkin seed. Added with Marshmallow, this cookies will give you a yummy yet soft and chewy feeling, suitable for kids as their Christmas present! It is totally addictive & delicious.

Our Snack is
• No artificial colouring
• No artificial flavouring
• No yeast
• No GMO
• No trans-fat

Storage Condition:
Upon opening, please keep contents in air tight container and refrigerated for optimum serving.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Almond, Sunflower seed, Cranberries, Butter, Milk powder, Biscuit, Marshmallow, Premium Green Tea

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