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Organic Plum Vinegar (375ml)

Organic Plum Vinegar

Organic, Beauty Care

about this product
Signature Market's Organic Plum Vinegar circles around the fermentation of organic plums. The plum fruit comes from the Rosaceous family; green plums are harvested when the fruit is matured enough to be picked; the fruit contains citric acid, tannic acid, tartaric acid and other acids; helps in quenching thirst and improving appetite.

The Organic Plum Vinegar contains an abundance of organic acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and basic care necessary for the body's material.

Benefits of drinking Signature Market naturally Organic Brewed Plum Vinegar:
1) Plum vinegar contains citric acid, malic acid, Succinate acid, helps in improving metabolism, gets rid of waste, it can relieve the accumulation of lactic acid burnout, and reduces fatigue.

2) Enhances immunity reduces body's acid load and helps in restoring body's PH value.

3) Reduce the burden carried by the liver while strengthening the liver.

4) Prevents kidney and bladder stones and high blood pressure.

5) Promotes healthier liver and stronger kidney function

6) Prevention of atherosclerosis that leads to stroke.

7) Improves appetite, enhancing gastrointestinal motility to aid in constipation and diarrhea

8) Organic Plum Vinegar relieves food poisoning both characteristics of blood poisoning and water intoxication, a healthy food that strengthen the liver.

9) Plum vinegar itself contains a variety of minerals and organic acids, can strengthen the immune system promote metabolism, reduce fatigue, anti-aging.

FUN TIP! When consumed together with the Super Wild honey drink, you can enhance renal function activation of cells, restoring youthful.

Organic Green Plum, Yeast, Spring Water, Oligo.

Serving Direction
Twice a day, dilute 30cc-50cc with water.

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