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Lady's Buddy Tea (10 sachets)

Lady's Buddy Tea

Infusion Tea, 100% Natural, Sugar Free

About this product
Always feeling sick and fatigue although you aren't? You might be in the suboptimal health state! Click here if you wish to know more about suboptimal health state.

By fusing healthy lifestyle & principles of Chinese Medicine, Signature Market's Infusion Tea series is designed to relief certain health imperfections that are common for fellow Malaysians through only a SLIGHT CHANGE IN DAILY CONSUMPTION BEHAVIOUR.

As each sachet tea bag can be infused in a bottle of water (1ℓ to 1.5ℓ) instead of a glass of water (300mℓ), it is highly suitable for DAY LONG CONSUMPTION and a good substitute to plain drinking water.

Product Description
Having trouble with menstrual pain and discomfort? Lady's Buddy is here to help! A traditional remedy to relief menstrual pain and discomfort, Lady's Buddy Tea is enriched with the addition of aromas from both lavenders and French roses to help enlighten and ease before and during the menstrual periods.

1. Relieves menstrual periods pain and discomfort on physiological aspect.
2. Relaxes and relieves mood swings caused by discomforts.
3. Reduces inflammation and enhances smoother discharging.

Serving Instruction
Steep a tea bag in 1ℓ to 1.5ℓ of hot water (may adjust to own preference) for 5 minutes, serve & enjoy!
You may chill the tea in fridge or adding ice to serve chilled.

Dried French Rose, Lavender, Jujube, Wolfberry, Tangerine Peel.

Store in cool & dry place, away from heat & direct sunlight.

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