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Spice Kit Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper Powder (Mild) (130g)

Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper Powder (Mild)

Organic Spices

About this product
Origin of Country: India

Get your spice game on with our new Spice Kit Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper Powder (Mild)!
Solely fine ground from the seeds & pods of organic cayenne pepper, this spice has mild & delightful hot aromatic flavor to stimulate your appetite, giving it the OMMPH it deserves BUT not overdoing it so that you will still get to experience all flavors!

✓ No MSG
✓ Salt Free
✓ Non Irradiated
✓ No Preservative

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper that gives the hot aftertaste. The higher the content of capsaicin in cayenne peppers, the hotter/spicier it gets.
Capsaicin not only contributes to the spiciness level of cayenne peppers but it also has medicinal properties that bring health benefits:
1. Boosts Metabolism - increases energy consumption & burns more calories.
2. Improves Digestion - increases digestive fluid production to aid with digestion & fight against stomach infections.
3. Improves Cardiovascular System - improves blood circulation, reduces thrombosis, & warms body temperature.

Ways to Consume
1. Season during cooking;
2. Table seasoning;
3. Marinating;
& Many other ways waiting for you to explore!

100% Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder.

Store in cool dry place at room temperature. Away from direct sunlight or excessive heat.
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