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Salted Egg Tofu Crisps (100g)

Salted Egg Tofu Crisps

About This Product

Crunchy and savoury, our Salted Egg Tofu Crisps brings together the rich salty-sweetness of salted egg and thinly sliced, crispy tofu slices for an addictive snack that’s just out of this world. Made from 100% natural, non-GMO tofu, these delicate crisps are then coated in an all-natural olive oil and curry leaf infused salted egg yolk mix - no preservatives, artificial flavours or colouring, MSG or GMOs. Tofu is more than just an addictive snack, it’s also a good source of plant-based proteins as it contains all nine essential amino acids. In addition to that, tofu also contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Tofu Crisp, Salted Egg, Olive Oil, Sugar, Paprika Flake, Curry Leaf, Salt.

Allergy Information
Contains soy and egg products.

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