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Jumbo Organic Red Raisin (300g)

Jumbo Organic Red Raisin


About this product
Country of Origin: USA

Produced from high quality organic red seedless grapes from the USA & processed with natural drying. The Signature Snack Jumbo Organic Red Raisin provides you the original & natural taste of red raisin in a healthy way.
With the natural mild sweetness of raisin itself, you can taste the fruity flavor of grapes and the savory of grape peel from our Jumbo Organic Red Raisin.

✔ Organic
✔ Non-GMO
✔ Natural Taste

Did You Know?
The rich antioxidant found in raisin help to maintain healthy and glowing skin. How is it being done? Raisins purify your blood by eliminating toxic and black cells; and improve the formation of red blood cells by supplying oxygen to your skin. It is the blood purifying properties of raisins that make your skin clear, radiant, nourished, and beautiful! Hurry and grab yours today!

Healthy Options to Enjoy
1.Top Your Cereal or Yogurt.
-Top on cereal or oatmeal with a handful of Jumbo Organic Red Raisin. It works well with low fat yogurt and cottage cheese, too.
2. Trail Mix
-Trail Mix would not be the same with Jumbo Organic Red Raisin. Enjoy the healthy & natural savoury by adding raisin into your trail mix.
3. Healthy Snack Choice
-Substitute unhealthy snacks with Jumbo Organic Red Raisin as a healthier choice.

Organic Red Seedless Raisin.

Keep in cool and dry place.
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