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Confinement Rice (800g)

Confinement Rice

Natural, Healthy Rice

About this product
The control of blood sugar is crucial for every pregnant mother. If it is not, there will be higher chances for the mother to develop Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes during gestational period). Therefore, the healthy food intake should not be overlooked throughout the pregnancy period.
During confinement period, the nutrition intake for mother is essential to recover from pregnancy, too. The high nutrient contents in Confinement Rice is specially designed for pregnant mother and mother who in confinement period.

Confinement Rice is formulated by the combination:
1. Parboiled Basmathi from India. The rice is low in Glycemic Index (GI) which is suitable for diabetic patients as well as pregnant woman.
2. Calrose Brown Rice can promotes body absorption of nutrients, enhances gastrointestinal function & resistance, and promote liver detoxification & defecation.
3. Tri-Color Royal Quinoa that is high in protein, iron and calcium which are essential for the pregnant mothers & babies, and during their confinement period.
4. Purple Bario Rice may help to increase levels of good cholesterol and have been shown to promote heart health.
5. Red Bario Rice high in fiber, Vitamin B1 & B2, iron and calcium which is good for heart and prevent constipation.

With the premium rice used in Confinement Rice, this product is good for pregnant woman & mother in confinement period. Not only limited to mothers, it is also suitable for anyone who like to have a delightful rice meal on their dining table to enjoy their meal with this nutritious rice.

✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Non-GMO
✔ No Preservative
✔ Easily Digestible Formula

Want to know more about Glycemic Index and rice? Click here to know more on our article "The Glycemic Index and Your Bowl of Rice."

Cooking Suggestion
One cup of rice cook with one and a half cup of water.
Rice to water ratio is 1:1.5.

Parboiled Basmathi, Calrose Brown Rice, Tri-colour Royal Quinoa, Purple Bario Rice, Red Bario Rice.

Keep in cool and dry place.
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