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Organic Soymilk Soft Nougat (10g x10pcs)

Organic Soymilk Soft Nougat


about this snack
Favour soymilk over dairy? Then you’ll love this snack! Introducing the Organic Soymilk Soft Nougat, perfect to fulfil your taste buds and dietary needs. Enjoy this snack made using only high-quality organic soy powder that provides a rich soymilk taste for your discerning palate. Fall in love with its sweet soymilk scent and chewy texture. Our Organic Soymilk Soft Nougat will leave you with an unforgettable soymilk aftertaste that’s simply addictive.

what this snack taste like?
Milky tasting nougat with a distinct soymilk aroma and chewy texture.

Glucose, Organic Soya Powder, Water, Vegetable Fat (Palm Based), Egg White, Sugar, Salt.

Allergies information: Contains Glucose Syrup (Wheat) and Eggs.

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