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Curry Paste (130g x 2 sachets)

Curry Paste


About This Product

If making curry is at the bottom of your cooking list because of the amount of spices you need to grind then it’s time to add this to your cart. Be transported back to your childhood days spent in your mum’s or grandma’s kitchen with the aromatic fragrance of spices and herbs in our Curry Paste. Prepared with care using only all-natural ingredients, this easy to use paste will transform your meals in an instant. Worried that some meats just won’t taste as good with our Curry Paste? Fret not, it’s super versatile! Marinate your meat of choice in it and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy and tantalizing curry in no time at all.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

What Does This Taste Like?
A hearty, full bodied curry with just enough heat to spice up your taste buds.

Health Benefits
1. Onions are antioxidant-rich, have antibacterial properties and are sulphur-rich. It also boosts glutathione levels in the body (essential for fertility for both men and women). Onions also help control blood sugar, may boost digestive health and heart health.
2. Garlic is a highly nutritious bulb that has been proven to help regulate and reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Despite its small size, garlic can also combat illnesses such as common colds.
3. Garlic, onions and red chilli are all natural and effective blood cleansers.
4. Chillies contain capsaicin that are often used for its analgesic properties and may help with weight loss. Chillies are also antioxidants and helps to boost immunity.It can also aid diabetes prevention and contribute to red blood cell formation.
5. Galangal, the earthier and more citrusy cousin of ginger is a very good source of sodium, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. It’s rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation, helps digestion, improves cognitive functions and may even prevent cancerous cells from forming. Much like it’s cousin ginger, it also helps relieve nausea. Galangal root is also known to stimulate male fertility, helping to increase sperm count and motility.
6. Fennel seeds contain high amounts of manganese, potassium, magnesium and calcium which are essential for bone health.
7. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient and a highly effective antioxidant. It helps boost brain functions and lower the risk of brain diseases, even helping delay age-induced brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Turmeric also reduces inflammation in arthritis patients and reduces cardiovascular diseases.
8. Coconut sugar is a low glycaemic index sweetener that is more nutritious than normal cane-derived sugars. It contains minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium along with some polyphenols and antioxidants.
9. Coriander is a good antioxidant and has cancer fighting properties. It’s also capable of treating some symptoms of diabetes, helping to lower and regulate blood sugar levels as well as lowering cholesterol levels.
10. Lemongrass aids those with sleep disorders such as insomnia, stomach disorders, respiratory disorders, mild fevers, swellings or mild infections. It’s a good antioxidant, protects against antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, helps regulate cholesterol levels, reduces blood sugar levels and promotes healthy skin.

Usage Directions
1. Marinated Curry Paste with 500g chicken for 2 hours.
2. Fried with cooking oil for 5 min.
3. Add on 200ml coconut milk.
4. Heat with low temperature.
5. Serve hot.
Serving portion: 3 pax per sachet

How To Consume
See usage directions.

Oil, Onion, Garlic, Chilli, Lemongrass, Galangal, Fennel, Coriander, Candlenut, Turmeric, Coconut Sugar, Salt.

Allergy Information
- None -

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight.

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