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Lavender Air Cleaner Bundle (150 + 30ml)

Lavender Air Cleaner Bundle

100% Natural

About this product

Created to remove all foul smells quickly, the Gramp’s Asia Lavender Air Cleaner’s special formulation neutralises odour molecules. No product in the marketplace is safer or more effective. The natural lavender oil also contains antimicrobial properties that disinfects the air. That is the power of herbalism-based 100% natural household products. Most air fresheners in the marketplace are filled with synthetic chemicals. These petroleum-based products are not only harmful to our health over long periods of exposure, they only function merely as a camouflage to mask odours.
The Gramp’s Asia Lavender Air Cleaner is reputed to be more effective than any other air freshener product available. It removes common annoying odours such as cigarette smoke, used bathroom odours, cooking smells, fermented food, urea, vomit, paint, animal faeces and more. Many households use the Lavender AIr Cleaner on the aftermath of stinky trash and even durians. This stain-free, non-toxic, synthetic-free, water-based formula is safe to be used around babies, pets and food. Made only with 100% natural ingredients.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Health Benefits
1. The scent of lavender reduces premenstrual tension symptoms and moodiness.
2. Calming scent and may improve sleep quality as well as reduce anxiety levels.
3. Reduces migraine headache pains as lavender is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-anxiety.
4. Antimicrobial and cleans airborne germs effectively and naturally.
5. 100% natural and non-toxic, safe to be used around babies, pets and food.

Usage Directions
1. Shake product before use.
2. Spray 1 to 2 pumps in an enclosed area or directly onto fabric.
3. Ensure source of malodour is completely removed before product application.
4. Pour a small amount onto an essential oil burner (with tea light) to freshen a room.

Avoid contact with eyes. Safe if accidentally ingested in small quantities but not formulated for human consumption. Always shake product before use.

Water, lavender essential oil, thyme, geranium and other natural extracts.

Allergy Information

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

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