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XL Water Bottle (BPA Free) 1000ML

Signature ‘Hey, Good Looking!’ Water Bottle (BPA Free)


About This Product

Do you feel a headache coming on? Sleepy all of a sudden? Cracked lips ruining your makeup? Stop, right there. It’s water o’clock! While life has got you running around, you shouldn’t forget to replenish and maintain your hydration levels. That’s where our Signature Market ‘Hey, Good Looking!’ Bottle comes in handy. Built to contain up to 1L of water, it’ll not only minimize the amount of time you spent refilling at the water cooler but it’s a huge reminder to drink water right on your desk. It comes with a handle and is guaranteed leak-proof so you won’t have to worry about spills in your favourite bag. Best of all, it’s BPA free guaranteeing you a toxic-free supply of water whenever you use our ‘Hey, Good Looking!’ Bottle.

What else needs water like we do? Trees and plants of course! Just like how it’s impossible for a dried-out tree to look good, the same goes for humans too. That’s why we at Signature Market have taken a leaf out of our lush rainforest’s book on how to look good. Our tree-inspired design features a light brown tint and our forest scenery art printed in green. Just like our leafy friends, we at Signature Market encourage you to ace your hydration goals with the sassy “I look this good because I drink water” emblazoned right across the front. Plump up your skin and get detoxing so you can really glow from within with our Signature Market ‘Hey, Good Looking!’ Bottle today so you can really say “I look this good because I drink water”!

Health Benefits
1. Water helps regulate body temperature.
2. Drinking water increases brain power and provides energy.
3. Water promotes healthy weight management and weight loss.
4. Water flushes out toxins and detoxifies the body.
5. Improves complexion.
6. Water helps with maintaining a healthy digestive system and digestion processes.
7. Adequate water intake prevents constipation.

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