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Signature Insulated Lunch Bag (1 unit)

Signature Insulated Lunch Bag


About This Product

Gone are the days when eating out was the trend. Packing a lunch box now means healthier meals, less expenditure and being more eco-friendly too! With our Signature Lunch bag, you can do all of that and more. Don’t let its cute exterior fool you, not only is it a refreshing robin's egg blue colour that is sure to appeal to many, it’s also made from waterproof Oxford canvas and is thermal insulated inside. Not only does this prevent spills and condensation forming on other items, it also keeps your food and beverages warm or cold. Its thicker handles also make for a more durable bag, the better to carry your food or drinks. Our lightweight (only 100g!) Signature Insulated Lunch Bag measures 28cm (height) x 22.5 (width) x 15cm (depth) and can fit plenty of goodies and snacks to fuel you while you go about your daily activities.

Health Benefits
1. Bringing packed lunches ensures you are in control of your food choices and portions.
2. It’s easier to adjust your nutrition intake to what your body needs and reduces the fat, salt and sugar content according to your dietary needs.
3. Bringing a lunch box ensures you won’t need one-time use plastics and will help you be more eco-friendly.

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