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Pineapple Fruit Spread (No Added Sugar) (250g)

Pineapple Fruit Spread (No Added Sugar)


About This Product

Enjoy the taste of fruit jams but wish there was more fruit and less sugar? Avoiding artificial sweeteners that disguise themselves as healthier sugar-free options? We’ve got that all and more with our amazingly versatile Pineapple Fruit Spread! Say yes to pure fruit and natural goodness with no preservatives, no added sugars, no artificial flavouring or artificial colouring. Unlike commercial fruit spreads which may contain artificial thickening agents or sugars to help it solidify, our fruit spreads contain all-natural ingredients such as lemon juice, tapioca starch, glutinous rice flour and of course, its own pulp as well to help it maintain its form and colour. With that in mind, the taste of our fruit spreads may vary from jar to jar as only natural fruit flesh has been used without any artificial flavourings to adjust the taste. Make the healthier switch now and enjoy the all-natural tart-sweetness and fragrance of pineapples as you dig into our Pineapple Fruit Spread. even tastes just like the filling of our local CNY favourites: pineapple jam tarts!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

What Does This Taste Like?
Just like a juicier version of the fillings in our favourite pineapple jam tarts.

Health Benefits
1. Contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese which promote energy production and antioxidant defences respectively.
2. Manganese contained in pineapples is also essential in maintaining bone and tissue strength. It may also help in preventing osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.
3. Helps maintain eye health and may even reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as the individual ages.
4. Contains bromelain which can help reduce excessive blood coagulation thus reducing the risk of blood clots. This makes it a suitable snack for frequent travellers and anyone else at risk of blood clots.
5. Low in calories and high in dietary fibre.

Usage Directions
Open jar and consume as preferred.

How To Consume
1. Consume directly from the jar.
2. Add to acai bowl, oatmeal porridge, overnight oats or chia seed pudding.
3. Spread a layer of fruit spread on bread, biscuits or cookies.
4. Add a spoonful of fruit spread into juice and stir till incorporated.
5. Top desserts with a layer of fruit spread for added vitamins and flavour.

Pineapple, Honey, Tapioca Starch, Lemon Juice, Glutinous Rice Flour, Salt.

Allergy Information

Storage Instructions
Keep in a cool, dry place if unopened. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat. Refrigerate once opened. Best consumed within 2 weeks upon opening for optimum freshness.

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