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Digestion Booster Mix (140g)

Digestion Booster Mix


About This Product

Ever feel like your digestive system could use a little boost? Our Digestion Booster Mix is here to save the day! With a wholesome mix of mango, pineapple and apple, this snack gives you a healthy dose of natural enzymes to kickstart your digestive system. High in fibre and natural digestive enzymes from the fruits, our Digestion Booster Mix aims to slow the digestion process so that your body can fully absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food you eat as well as regulating the amount of sugar that enters your bloodstream. The pineapple pieces are dehydrated at low temperatures to carefully preserve the bromelain, a powerful natural enzyme that improves digestion, reduces inflammation and relieves sinus problems.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Almond, Thai Dried Mango, Pumpkin Seed, Walnut, Diced Apple Bite, Dehydrated Pineapple.

Allergy Information
Contains nut products (walnuts).

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