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Almond Cashew Mix (120g)

Walnut , Almond

Pork Free

about this snack
This trail mix is high in protein and healthy fat that can satisfy your hunger between meals and improves your diet results. Not only is it an easy on-the-go meal, it’s also a great addition to your daily meals for added texture and flavour. We slow-baked at low temperatures to preserve its nutrients. Plus, we dry-roasted instead of fried for a healthier, reduced oil recipe. Eat a handful of nuts, get a bucketful of benefits!
No added sugar. Gluten, dairy and preservative free.

what this snack taste like?
All different type of nuts roasted without any seasoning.

Almond, Cashew Nut.

Healthy options to consume~
1. Up your yogurt game.
Try picking up a container of plain, low-fat Greek yogurt and adding in a few toppings of your own to give it some flavor — fresh fruit, powdered chocolate, and almond cashew mix.
2. Jazz up your oatmeal.
Contrary to common belief, oatmeal doesn't have to be the most boring breakfast,ever. Try adding almond cashew mix, dried fruits, chia seeds into your bowl of oatmeal. Let everything sit in the refrigerator overnight so that come morning, voila! Breakfast is ready, and it's so, so good.
3. Substitute unhealthy snacks with almond cashew mix.
Try to eliminate unhealthy potato chips and start grabbing almond cashew mix.

Storage Tips:
1. Avoid exposure to strong smells, as nuts can absorb odors of other materials if exposed for prolonged periods.
2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
3. Store in cool and dry place.
4. Protect from insects and pests.

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